Macclesfield Italian Restaurant Receives Second-Lowest Food Hygiene Rating

  Posted: 10.06.21 at 17:01 by Alexander Greensmith

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Meat being nine days eight of date, raw food being handled with the same material as cooked, and concerns that kitchen staff are not washing their hands regularly - this is the dire health inspection of an Italian restaurant in Macclesfield.

Italian restaurant Fiore Mio, which is located on Unit 2 - 5 Marlborough Court, Pickford Street, received a Food Hygiene rating of 1.

The recent inspection also found no evidence of food hygiene training from the staff.

The rating of 1 is the second lowest possible rating a business which serves food can receive.

If they received the worst Rating of 0, the Macclesfield business would’ve had to immediately shut down, but the premises is still serving customers and hopes to improve their rating.

Macclesfield Nub News have accessed the report of the pizza eatery, courtesy of Cheshire East Council. The kitchen, toilets and bar were inspected on April 22.

The Macc Italian restaurant has to clean their act up, after coming very close to being shut down by the health inspector. This is what the restaurant looks like currently.

According to the report, “Two packs of meatballs were found in the refrigerator with a use-by date of 13th April.”

This intention to serve the meat nine days after the date until which the manufacturer of the food guarantees it is safe to eat, should be particularly alarming to Macclesfield diners.

The report added: “Food sold beyond its use-by date may be of poor quality or unfit. It is an offence to sell or expose for sale food with an expired use by date.

“At the time of the visit, raw food like chicken and meatballs were stored above/next to cooked/ready to eat foods, like salad and cheese in the refrigerator.”

Aside pizza and pasta dishes, Fiore Mio also serve lamb or vegetarian main courses, and have an extensive kids menu.

Macclesfield restaurant Fiore Mio got a Food Hygiene rating of one, which means “Major Improvements Necessary”. They have not responded to our request for comment. (Image - Food Standards Agency)

There were further concerns with food hygiene and safety procedures, according to the anonymous inspector.

One employee of the Macclesfield restaurant was even caught cross-contaminating surfaces with raw chicken bacteria.

“During my visit a tea towel was being used by the chef to wipe his hands after handling raw chicken, this towel was then used to handle the pan in which the chicken was being cooked. This may lead to cross contamination of surfaces,” it said.

Poor cleanliness was also cited as a reason for the low Food Hygiene Rating for the Macclesfield Italian restaurant.

The report said: “There was no designated wash hand basin available in the kitchen.”

Every Food Hygiene rating explained: Most Macclesfield businesses which serve food have a Food Hygeine Rating of 5, which is the best rating possible. Fiore Mio are hoping to improve their Food Hygiene Rating or 1. (Image - Food Standards Agency)

“One sink was being used for equipment wash and the other labelled as ‘food wash only’.

“Also due to the fact I was informed the only soap dispenser in the kitchen had been filled by the previous owner, I have concerns that kitchen staff are not washing their hands regularly.

Fiore Mio opened earlier this year, and translates to ‘My Flower’ in English.

The scathing Food Hygiene summary continued: “At the time of my visit there was no sanitiser/disinfectant available in the upstairs kitchen - but Anti-bacterial spray was later found downstairs.

“And kitchen staff appeared unaware as to what chemical was being used on kitchen work surfaces.

“This was in an area where raw and cooked food was prepared.”

The report had the least faith in Confidence in Management and control procedures at the restaurant.

Particularly as it said there was “no evidence was available to show your chefs have received food hygiene training”.

Furthermore, “there appeared to be gaps in knowledge with regards to cooking temperatures, stock rotation and cross contamination procedures such as; handling raw food and refrigeration layout”.

It concluded: “During the inspection of your premises it became clear that you have not done enough to show how you identify, control and monitor all steps and activities of your food business that are needed to make certain that food is safe.

“Regulations say that you must write down simple details of what you do to make sure that the food produced or sold at your premises is safe to eat.”

The report recommended the implementation of a stock control system by date coding high risk foods, improving the ventilation system, and repairing the worn kitchen floor.

It advised the chefs at the Macclesfield business to stop storing open cans in the fridge, as this can cause contamination.

It also gave a one week deadline to implement and handwash basin.

The surface of the pizza dough maker was also suggested to be replaced with smooth, washable and non-toxic materials.

This is as the current wooden stand under the mixer in the dough prep room was described as not “easy to keep clean or disinfect”.

Despite this Food Hygiene Rating of 1, the business is well-reviewed by customers, with a Five-Star Rating on Google Reviews, and a Four-Star Rating on Just Eat.

Macclesfield Nub News spoke to the restaurant and they had this to say:

“I can confim that after last inspection on 21th of April we did improve everything they had ask to do.”

“We can confirm food hygiene, food storage and eveything else has been inprove on maximum on highs standart as we want to be top Italian restaurant on area as we serving best and genuine italian receipe on high quality on cooking and serving.

“Also we can confirm as we have even six star review on some of customer on Just Eat.

“We as staff manager on Fiore Mio are trying to have best for everything and are hoping to organise a revisit very soon so we can have best rating on food hygiene.

“This business has been open after long time under new managment and hoping to serve the best Italian food in the area.“

A revisit will be conducted shortly, and we will report on a potential new rating that not happened yet.

Macclesfield Nub News will continue to follow the story.

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