ONE Project cleans up Macclesfield hub for anti-social behaviour

  Posted: 09.09.21 at 09:00 by The Editor

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One of the more hated spots in Macclesfield has been tidied up by a community gardening group.

The Exchange Square on Exchange Street near to Age UK, B&M and an empty retail unit attracted unwanted guests.

Drug users and alcoholics would loiter and litter at the Macclesfield benches, come day or night.

Some would hide unused or used substances or paraphernalia underneath the hedges, which had become overgrown.

But newly formed community action group ONE Project have cut the overgrown bushes to make rubbish more visible and deter hiding unmentionables, making the place look more pleasant.

The idea was both of ONE Project’s Alex Eifflaender and Macclesfield’s current Mayor Councillor David Edwardes.

Macclesfield: Hedges were trimmed, needles were sent to a safe disposable facility, cans and bottles were recycled.

"We've done everything we can to make this a nicer place for all of Macclesfield," said ONE Project Co-Founder Alex.

"We would've done more if it was owned by the Council.

"The problem is it is privately owned land. So the Council can't do anything about it either, other than send the ranger with us to help tidy it up.

"We had polite conversation with those who congregated there, and halfway through the job, they left."

While most who lingered at the site are not bad people - many feel let down by society and are left to use - but Alex hopes to inspire them through gardening.

Macclesfield Tytherington Councillor and Mayor of Macclesfield David Edwardes gets his hedge trimmer out.

At a visit this morning and afternoon, there was groups drinking alcohol at the site, just regular members of the public enjoying a sitdown with their shopping, thanks to the hard work of the volunteer gardeners.

Alex and Macclesfield Mayor Cllr David Edwardes were joined by volunteer Gordon Hulme and Macc Council’s Town Ranger.

As well as garderning, bench graffiti was removed which read ‘King of the s****’.

Overall, it took two hours to clear up and improve.

The Square receives its fair share of ire in person and online, a brawl erupted at the square last month where police were called.

Alex and Gordon were two who cleaned up this notoriously unsightly spot.

Macclesfield police officers are used to be dealing with anti-social behaviour there, and it is hoped there may be less now that drugs can be hid in plain sight.

Macclesfield Nub News has contacted Cheshire Constabulary for comment.

It is hoped making the benches safer will encourage people to stay in the town for longer, and as a result spend more money in Macc.

ONE Project is restoring life to an unused plot of land near to the Salvation Army on Roe Street this weekend.

ONE Project combines forces of Macclesfield good causes Macclesfield Plant Swap, Kate Does Recycling and GROW Macclesfield.

Volunteer Gordon is chuffed with the results.

They are sprucing up our town through plants for a common good - and will assist Macclesfield in Britain in Bloom Town competitions.

To learn more about them, please click here.

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