'Notable lack of electric charging facilities in Macclesfield area', say councillors

  Posted: 20.07.21 at 18:03 by Alexander Greensmith & Belinda Ryan, Local Democracy Reporter

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Macclesfield has one of the worst infrastructures for electric vehicle charing in Cheshire East, however, this may soon chance as councillors want to improve access across our borough.

Installing charging points in car parks across Cheshire East would encourage people to buy electric vehicles, improve the environment and could be a money spinner for the council.

That was the view of the council’s highways and transport committee which met on Monday to discuss the Cheshire East Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy.

Richard Hibbert, the council’s head of strategic transport and parking, told the committee that in the middle of last year there were 2,100 electric cars registered with private users across the borough and, because of the ban on selling new petrol and diesel cars which comes in in 2030, that number will grow.

The report to the committee acknowledged that, although the council has invested in providing some electric vehicle charge points ‘there are extensive gaps in current provision within Cheshire East.

Notably, there is a lack of provision in the Macclesfield area, in our carparks and also where houses do not have off-street parking i.e garages.

A charging point at a carpark in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, which could illustrate what it may look like in Macc's council owned sites. (Image - CC Unchanged bit.ly/3iy4OL8 Djm-leighpark)

Charge points in Macc are few and far between. This may be the reason for our town's particularly poor air quality.

Hyundai Macclesfield on Winterton Way has one, along with Kerridge End Holiday Cottages in Rainow.

You'll also find one on Hulley Road, which is commonly used by nearby AstraZeneca employees.

On the Alderley Edge-Macclesfield border, you'll also find one almost seven miles from the town centre at Alderley Edge Multi-Storey Car Park.

Two ports are also at Sidney Jackson and Son limited on Macclesfield's Wilmslow Road.

Poynton and Adlington Councillor Sewart said: “If we want to maintain footfall in our town centres we’ve got to cater for people taking their [electric] cars in”. (Image - Cheshire East Council)

This small number of ports will make it harder for petrol and diesel drivers to switch.

It is unlikely that the town's - and our boroughs - current provision will be near enough to meet climate change emission targets.

Mr Hibbert said because most council car parks were in prime town centre locations this was ideal for charging points.

“I would be optimistic we could enter into this at no real cost to the authority, it might even be a revenue earner for the authority,” he said.

“We need to go through that commercial procurement exercise to get to that position."

Cllr Mike Sewart (Poynton West and Adlington, Con) agreed saying: “I represent an area that’s got a lot of houses that open directly on to a road, they’re not going to be able to have a charging point. We have to cater for those people."

He said putting the charge points in the council’s car parks would help boost the town centres.

“If we want to maintain footfall in our town centres we’ve got to cater for people taking their cars in and being able to charge these machines,” said Cllr Sewart.

He said some supermarket chains were installing charging points ‘but most of these are out of town sites so, if it’s only out of town sites where people with electric cars can go, that will make our town centres even emptier than they are now’.

Cllr Mike Hunter (Middlewich, Lab) said this could be a real income generator for the council at a time when it most needed it.

“It places us in pole position because of the car park estates that we own,” said Cllr Hunter. “We need to make sure we take advantage of those opportunities because, if we don’t ,we’re diddling ourselves out of money basically.”

Cllr Les Gilbert (Dane Valley, Con) said it was important the council kept people informed about their proposals.

“The closer we get to 2030 the more nervous residents without off street parking are going to be about replacing their old polluting petrol engines with electric,” he said.

“That’s a situation we don’t want to be in. We want to keep the public well informed and confident they can go electric.”

Cllr Don Stockton (Wilmslow Lacey Green, Con) said: “I’d like to be assured that we are working together with distribution and putting pressure on whoever we need to put pressure on that there will be some power to put into the cables.”

The committee voted unanimously to approve the draft Cheshire East Electric Vehicles Infrastructure Strategy as a basis for consultation and engagement and to approve a market testing exercise for a concession approach to delivering electric vehicles charging infrastructure.

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