Ben Gorb's delightfully mellow new single wants to get Macclesfield 'Talking'

  Posted: 17.09.21 at 13:59 by Alexander Greensmith

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Macc rocker Ben Gorb has taken it back a dial on his reflective new single.

Talking uses a lower, more laidback range of Ben's voice, with Ben also on the acoustic guitar.

Jake Priestly's virtuosic skills on the electric guitar accompany the sweet three minute single.

The track opens with lyrics deriding the homogenous background noise of the TV, and the sameyness of social media.

It compares these with the beauty of conversation, saying no media will hold a candle to social interaction.

A rousing message we can all get behind after almost two years in-and-out of lockdown.

'Talking' is a heartfelt and honest folk ballad from the Macclesfield singer-songwriter.

The apathy towards digital tech is also shown with the press shots, of a an agitated Ben staring towards a blank screen, itching for a conversation.

But to Ben, the track has more of a music industry-inclined meaning than our interpretation.

"It is a lot more mellow than my recent singles, it is a heartfelt track for sure," he said.

"I wanted to write a song that was about how I felt about the music and the industry nowadays.

"It is controversial in some ways but I wanted to express the lack of connection I felt to the music that was in the charts."

The 28-year-old released his debut album 'Reflections' last year - but was unable to gig it due to the pandemic.

"A lot of the underground bands are the ones that are actually speaking to me."

"It is a shame, because radio and TV is not meant to make you feel alone, but with modern music for me unfortunately sometimes it does."

"I'm really excited to play this in gigs and release my upcoming EP.

"Thank you to everyone from Macclesfield who has streamed my music."

The London-born musician, who moved to Macclesfield 25 years ago, has recently performed local gigs at The Shamrock and The swan With Two Necks.

Ben recently performing at The Silktown Snooker Club on Green Street. He first picked up a guitar at 14, and almost immediately started writing songs. (Image - @ben_gorb)

Talking is the second single taken from a currently untitled EP which will release with six tracks soon.

His last single, No One Knows, which was influenced by The Beatles, bagged over 11,000 streams.

Ben can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

He is also found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Information for a huge EP launch gig will be posted online in due course.

Macclesfield residents can also book Ben to teach guitar lessons.

Ben's contact details are on his website.

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