Event of the Week: Wellbeing Wilderness Walk in Bollington for the Summer Solstice

  Posted: 09.06.21 at 13:44 by Alexander Greensmith

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After the year and a half we've all had, an excellent opportunity for the people of Macclesfield to improve their wellness has opened.

The Wellbeing Wildnerness Walk, will take place in Bollington on the afternoon before the Summer Solstice.

The June 20 event will hope to connect Bollingtonian's and Maxonian's with nature, ahead of the longest day, where we have the most hours of sun.

Join Greta and Grant Sherratt on this incredibly special day to feel the freedom of nature and appreciate mother earth.

This is a sacred time to relax, replenish, connect, share, self-care and rebalance ourselves and meet new people.

Collect for your nature table as we walk, to harness positive energy, learn about flower power, mindfully walk with the breath, meditate in the woods, followed by a sharing circle to connect to our true self and each other.

Our Event of the Week promotes wellness in Bolly, for the Summer Solstice. (Image - Elf Medication)

Banish any negativity refreshing ourselves with a cup of CBD cinnamon tea to replenish our energy whilst listening to poems from Thich Naht Hahn's book - Love Letters to Mother Earth and expressing our gratitude to her.

Elf Meditation, who run regular wellness sessions in Bollington, are hosting this special once-in-a-year event.

Those interested in the Bollington gathering should purchase a ticket, which costs just £22.15.

You will then receive further details about the event which celebrates Summer Solstice, which represents midsummer, when one of the Earth's poles is at maximum tilt facing the sun.

"As well as wellness, we want to raise awareness for protection of Mother Earth," said Elf Meditation founder Greta.

"It is green therapy that gives us a sense of peace and calm.

"It is great for mental health and people that have struggled during lockdown.

"There is even sharing part where we talk to each other and practice deep speech."

Tickets can be bought here.

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