Macclesfield Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club expands ahead of Remembrance Day

  Posted: 18.09.21 at 15:11 by Alexander Greensmith

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A Macclesfield Breakfast Club has invited current and former veterans of our armed forces to a growing support group.

Macclesfield Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club, who meet on 1 Riseley Street every second Saturday of the month, are seeking to expand their group.

With the removal of COVID-19 limits on groups, and the Season of Remembrance for our country's servicemen and women approaching, it is a perfect time to join the Macc social group.

"We are a group of veterans and serving members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces," said Natalie Robinson of Macclesfield Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club.

"There are no commitments or subscription fees. Just a great place to meet like minded people for support, chat and banter, not forgetting of course a great breakfast."

"We have representatives from the Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines, so if you want to come along, join in the banter, as long as you have a uniform service history, or association with such.

The friendship and wellness group meet 12 times a year at Macclesfield Masonic Hall. (Image - @MacclesfieldMasonicHall)

"It really works because we all have a similar outlook on life and a similar sense of humour."

Macclesfield Royal British legion are supporters of the monthly event.

The group used to meet at Macclesfield RUFC on Priory Lane, but are keen to get the word out on their new Riseley Street location at the Masonic Hall.

The Mayor of Macclesfield recently visited the group, to see the benefit of the social interaction and camaraderie that bringing together ex-servicepeople can provide.

90 people currently are part of the Facebook Group for the Macclesfield club, however, not all attend each session.

For more information, please use these contact details.

You can join the Facebook group here, but it is recommended calling the two numbers on the poster on this article, to confirm your interest.

The next meeting is on Saturday October 9.

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Macclesfield Mayor Cllr David Edwardes visited September's meeting.

You can also find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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