Macclesfield urged to continue following government guidance as COVID-19 cases rise

  Posted: 07.06.21 at 10:01 by Alexander Greensmith

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Cheshire East Council is warning Macclesfield residents and businesses to not let their guard down as COVID-19 cases rise following the relaxing of step 3 restrictions last month.

The increase is mainly affecting those residents across our county in the 10 to 39 age group.

The council is continuing to support schools, hospitality venues and housing associations across the borough and particularly in the most affected areas.

All of Year 13 at King's School in Prestbury are isolating, after cases of the new variant were found.

St Albans Catholic Primary School and The Falibroome Academy have also identified cases.

In the week ending on May 22, there were just 60 COVID cases across the 380,000 people that live in Cheshire East.

Dr Matt Tyrer, Director of Public Health at Cheshire East Council, has spent the bulk of his job under the pandemic. (Image - Cheshire East Council / Dr. Matt Tyrer)

However, there was a sharp increase to 233 percent for the following week on May 30.

At least 16 of these cases were in Macclesfield Central, and a further 16 in Macclesfield South & Lyme Green, the current highest cases across Macc.

Dr Matt Tyrer, director of public health at Cheshire East Council, said: “Unfortunately after the easing of lockdown restrictions on 17 May, and some residents dropping their guard, we are now seeing a worrying increase in positive COVID-19 cases right across the borough, typically of the Delta (Indian) variant of concern.

“We are not asking residents to change their behaviour, but to continue to adhere to the guidance of hands, space, face and fresh air and to get tested regularly, even if they have had one or both vaccinations.

“For parents or carers of children and young people still attending school after the half term break this is even more important.

The darker the colour, denotes the more COVID-19 cases found in the most recent data available. In the area Macclesfield Nub News covers, the Wards around Macc Town Centre are the highest, whereas there are just six cases in Bollington.

"I am urging all parents to continue to do the right thing and if their child feels unwell or begins to display any symptoms of COVID-19, to keep them off school and to get tested as soon as possible."

Our local authority recommends wearing a mask indoors, washing our hands, and keeping two metres apart.

Choosing to meet in outdoor spaces is another step each of us in Macc can easily take.

The council has a range of testing options for residents including local testing sites in Macclesfield, such as the one on Commercial Rd, for whether you have symptoms or not.

The vast deployment of mobile testing units, or resident collection home-testing kits are also available.

More information on all of these options, can be found by visiting the Cheshire East Council website.

Vaccinations are also being urged nationwide for those in the 30 to 39 age category. For more information, please find that here.

Rates are lowest in our area in Bollington also with just six cases.

Macclesfield Bollinbrook along with Macclesfield Upton Priory & Greenside have just seven cases. However, all these figurers are still on the rise.

Data of a positive test in Macc up to June 1
Central Macclesfield 16
Macclesfield South & Lyme Green 16
Gawsworth & Macclesfield Forest 15
Macclesfield East and Hurdsfield 11
Macclesfield Tytherington 8
Prestbury & Adlington 8
Macclesfield Bollinbrook 7
Macclesfield Upton Priory & Greenside 7
Macclesfield Weston 7
Bollington 6

More local data showing a significant case increase is expected to be revealed today, amid the return of nationwide press conferences on COVID-19 by central government this week.

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