World-renowned Macclesfield musician celebrates nine years of sobriety

  Posted: 22.09.21 at 17:32 by Alexander Greensmith

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A Macclesfield musician is celebrating nine years of sobriety this month.

Ally Dickaty, frontman and lead guitarist of The Virginmary's, is celebrating almost a decade of away from alcohol.

The last time Ally drank was in September 2012, five months before their acclaimed debut album King of Conflict was released.

The Macc rocker celebrated his abstinence within an Instagram post.

"I want to share with you all that I’m 9 years sober today, and what’s more, a lot closer to the person I’ve wanted to be.

"I’d usually post this yearly message on my private social media, but felt the urge to share this one wider, in hope it may speak to more and even offer a little help, comfort or reassurance to anyone that may be struggling."

Ally's sobriety began just before the release of their February 2013 album 'King of Conflict'. (Image - The Virginmarys / Cooking Vinyl)

"Nine years ago I bottomed out, gave up pretending to myself, after years and years, I couldn’t do it anymore. I was getting no enjoyment out of anything, so what was the point? It was utter hell.

"My only driving force was the idea of turning it around and proving I had the potential within that my loved ones saw in me.

"I gave up any expectation of enjoyment, just got stuck in and did the work, and it was work.

"Paradoxically, by ridding myself of all expectation, little bits of enjoyment and satisfaction started shining through the cracks of their own accord. Things I had long forgotten about started returning as I learned how to live without drink again.

"Nine years on, I am grateful for so much more than I was back then. I am able to do a lot more, and by restarting, relearning, and putting in the work, I keep continuing to surprise myself.

Ally is currently working on new music with his Macclesfield bandmate Danny Dolan (drums) (Image - The Virginmarys)

"The music industry is a hard environment to be in and remain sober, the long lasting tradition of rock music has that ‘typical lifestyle’ almost expected of you.

"But who wants to do what’s expected of them in rock music Anyone out there questioning, struggling, suffering…keep going, keep moving forward, take tiny steps if you have to, but keep moving and keep believing in yourself.

"The world doesn’t need anymore of the same thing over and over, it needs you and your voice. Keep going. Loads of love to you all, each and everyone of you.

"Really looking forward to seeing some of you in a couple of weeks for the UK tour. Will hopefully see those outside the UK really soon.
Stay safe, stay incredible, look after each other."

As well as improving himself, and producing great music with his band, Ally has also helped others.

Hometown heroes: The Virginmarys have invited Macclesfield act Dandelion James to join them at their upcoming Manchester gig.

In 2017 he collected a tonne of food for the homeless, and played a sold-out charity gig at the Silklife Foodbank on George Street.

He even slept rough to raise awareness for the problem of homelessness in the north west.

The Virginmarys are currently working on their fourth album, and are touring the UK this autumn.

They have over 40,000 streams a month, and are known around the world.

The Macclesfield band have almost 34,000 followers on Facebook.

You can listen to their music on Apple Music and Spotify.

You can also follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

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