Macclesfield Charity 10k to Raise Thousands For New Christie Cancer Unit

  Posted: 10.06.21 at 09:07 by Alexander Greensmith

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Macclesfield’s dynamic duo of an in-demand businessman and a running club organiser have launched their third charity race - and want you to take part.

Father-of-four and personal trainer Matthew Rigby (36), from Eastgate in Macclesfield, has once again teamed up with Simon Spurrell (53), co-founder of The Cheshire Cheese Company in Sutton.

The new Macclesfield Christie unit will open in December 2021, and the pair are hoping to raise thousands for the new cancer centre, but they need your help.

Matt and Simon invite the people of Macclesfield to sign up for a virtual 10 kilometre race, where individuals and families walk or run their own route around town.

All you have to do is donate a tenner to the JustGiving page, and fill in this form.

The pair are part of the Macclesfield & District Lions Club - who in recent months have raised over £8,000 for Macclesfield charities.

The Cheshire Cheese Company's Simon Spurrell is covering any costs for the event, which will ensure every penny donated goes straight to the new cancer unit, set to open in six months time. (Image - Matt Rigby PT)

Macclesfield Nub News spoke to organiser Matthew Rigby about the event, which Maxonians can partake in from June 19 to June 27.

“The virtual 10k’s in lockdown were to keep people active and give them a boost during lockdown. And we’re doing another”, said Matt.

“One of the Lions board members is going the Virtual 10k with his grandson, and that is what we are trying to make it about with this one. Making it really accessible to families, and to include people outside our running club.

“You can run two 5k’s across the weekend, or take walking options. We’re hoping to get medals produced for this one as well.”

To sign up, you simply have to donate a minimum donation of £10 via the JustGiving page.

The race-at-your-own-pace event invites Macclesfield to take whatever route they want, but to record their charity 10k route on a running application like Strava (pictured). (Image - Matt Rigby PT)

Then, when your pledge is confirmed, you should make note of your Donation Reference Number and type it into this registration form.

Some runners are even raising more money on their own by getting their friends and family to sponsor them.

You can run a shorter distance if you like - or you don’t even have to run at all. Furthermore, people can also donate straight to the cause without taking part in the 10k at all.

A family of four can also enter for a discounted minimum donation of £30 - and each member will receive individual benefits such as getting their own medal and entered into prize draws.

“And as with the previous event we did, everything will go directly to the charity for the new Macclesfield Christie unit that is currently under construction,” added Matt.

If you want to train for the event, Matt’s Rundamentalist Run Club sessions have restarted this week at Crossfit Silk Macclesfield from Lowe Street, and they go running around town such as at Park Green. Here is Simon and Matt (centre) atop White Nancy,

“[In a noble gesture] Simon is backing it all the way so he makes sure that the charity is getting 100% of the money that is donated [this includes the cut JustGiving takes away].”

With the new Macc cancer building set to open in a matter of months, the Christie charity is aiming to raise £23 million to help complete the construction.

Matt founded the Rundamentalist Run Club in October 2018, and local businessman Simon Spurrell joined in January 2019.

Simon has attended almost every session, and has become Matt’s sidekick for the group, and a big help in organising this upcoming event.

“Simon is now helping me to start running the sessions because the [Rundamentalist] groups are getting bigger and bigger. We have over 50 people involved, and they are all doing the Pride of Lions 10K for The Christie.

COVID-19 guidance means the Pride of Lions 10K for The Christie event can’t be ran by people in large groups. But it is hoped community spirit to raise money for the new Macc hospital unit with Matt and Simon at the helm, will rally our town into action

“Me and Simon can get on really well and we are both very passionate about what we do,” complimented Matt.

“We’ve both had quite wide and varied life experiences and Simon is very open about what he’s been through, and I think he uses it in a really good way to help others.

“Within the group, people look up to him. He’s very enthusiastic about running and what it has done for his own personal mental health.”

Over 350 people signed up for their last two charity events. However, ambitions for participants have increased five-fold, as other local lions clubs outside of Macclesfield are also partaking.

Lions Clubs for Alsager, Buxton, Congleton, Knutsford and Vale Royal are also running their own separate crowdfunder 10k’s to raise money for the new Macclesfield Christie’s hospital building.

Matt and Simon, pictured with Simon's partner on a previous charity run. (Image - Matt Rigby PT)

“Cancer can be so unforgiving and so terrible in how it touches so many people’s lives in such a horrific way,” Matt also added.

“It is great to help such a fantastic cause, and thank you to everyone who is taking part.”

Whether you walk, jog or run - Macclesfield Nub News also encourages the people of Macc to take part. We will also enter the charity event, for which you can find the JustGiving page here.

If anyone wants any help signing up, or advice in preparing for the 10k, please contact Matt on Facebook, where he also has online training programmes.

You can also learn about the new cancer centre, which will help 1,500 existing Christie patients a year, on this link.

Matt and Simon have previously conducted 'The Cheshire Cheese 10k' and 'The Chilli Banana 10k', which were also done virtually. (Image - Matt Rigby PT)

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