Why now is a great time to sell your home in Macclesfield

  Posted: 08.11.21 at 19:22 by Alexander Greensmith

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Despite new housing developments cropping up in Macclesfield almost every month, the traditional buying and selling market is flourishing.

One Macclesfield property expert believes now is a great time for property owners to sell their homes in Macclesfield.

Managing Partner Barry Crooks (49), of Mill Street's Belvoir Macclesfield, candidly revealed his enthusiasm for our town's property market in a recent chat with Macclesfield Nub News.

“At the moment there is a shortage of property stock,” said Barry Crooks of Belvoir Macclesfield.

"We are seeing an influx of people to Macclesfield but because there isn’t enough property it means both sales and rental prices going up.

"So if you are a landlord or someone who wants to sell, now is a good time to sell because there is a strong market there.

Interest rates have been held, but could rise soon, so if you are considering moving house you should strike while the iron is hot!

"AstraZeneca and Macclesfield Hospital continue to seemingly employ more and more staff, and then there is Alderley Park too that is also attracting more people to the local area."

"We’ve got all these people coming to Macclesfield, and it is great for the community.

"These big companies such as AstraZeneca are bringing incredible employment opportunities to Macclesfield, and I think we are seeing the town starting to thrive.

"We’re seeing house prices going up. And it is becoming more multicultural as well."

The average house price for Macclesfield over the last year is £267,973.

Macclesfield: Our town's big businesses expanding, combine with the lack of housing has led to a thriving property selling market.

"There isn’t enough sales properties on the market which means demand is outstripping supply," added Barry.

"So there are lots and lots of buyers out there - in fact record numbers of buyers looking for properties."

"So you can expose your property to a mass market. And as a seller you should be able to maximise your price because there isn’t the choice out there for buyers.

"It also means that if you are the seller, you are not in competition with lots of other properties, [which makes the process selling a house shorter and easier].

"On that basis if you are the seller and you are maximising the price, it means your budget for buying something might be a little bigger than you thought it might have been originally.

Belvoir Macclesfield also deal with rental properties. They have been recognised as the best letting agents in Macclesfield for two years running.

"You should have more spending power yourself. And mortgage rates continue to be low even though inflation is obviously starting to rise."

Additionally, interest rates have not rose yet. On Thursday, the Bank of England revealed in a surprise move that interest rates are kept on hold at 0.1%.

But if you wait a to sell your home, you could be facing higher interest rates in the next few years.

So now would be the optimal time to take advantage of the best position the Macclesfield property market has been in since before the pandemic.

Belvoir Macclesfield are a family business situated on 120-122 Mill Street, near to Park Green.

Husband and wife team Barry and Winnie Crooks run the company, and have previously helped Macclesfield young adults into the job market through the Kickstart Scheme.

Their website can be found here. They also have a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can contact them on 01625 410950, or email Belvoir Macclesfield via [email protected]

Belvoir Macclesfield are partners with Macclesfield Nub News. Thank you Barry and Winnie for your support of independent local news.

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