Dogs abandoned during heatwave in Macclesfield seeking new home

By Alex Greensmith

4th Dec 2022 | Local News

Could you help the mother-and-son dog find a fur-ever home?
Could you help the mother-and-son dog find a fur-ever home?

Two dogs which were abandoned during the July heatwave have come up for adoption.

The pair of Chinese Crested Cross dogs - which are related - were dumped on the side of a rural Macclesfield road during the hottest days ever recorded in British history.

RSPCA Macclesfield called the July incident "One of the worst cases of cruelty and neglect we have ever seen."

Dottie and Frankie Believed to be mother and son, are now available to be rehomed after the expert care of RSPCA Macclesfield.

The eight and five year old dogs are currently being fostered in Macclesfield, but are now seeking a fur-ever home.

A couple from out of the area found them during temperatures of almost 40C, and were later confirmed to have multiple injuries once inspected.

Dottie had several fractures (old and new) in one leg, it was a limp, shrivelled and withered. One of her eyes had disintegrated, possibly untreated dry eye.

Frankie and Dottie were both riddled with fleas with dermatitis, severely underweight with matted greasy coats. Frankie had various missing teeth.

The dogs were lucky to be found alive on the hottest day of the year.

To help the poorly puppers get better, Dottie had two lots of operations.

The first was an amputation and eye socket flushed and sewn up. Then spayed and a dental, she had 11 teeth extracted, her mouth was absolutely terrible and she would have really suffered. This leaves her with just four teeth.

She has a dislocating left hip but it is not causing her any problems; she may need pain management later on in life. Frankie had a dental (thankfully only one extraction) and castration. 

RSPCA Macclesfield said: "Dottie and Frankie have the most amazing fighting spirits and are such funny, endearing and cheeky characters, despite their baggage which is inevitable they really are absolutely wonderful dogs and we just want the best for them!

"They are now both microchipped, vaccinated and in wonderful condition!"

The Macclesfield foster family had this to say for any prospective owners:

"They do have their quirks but are absolutley lovely.

"They came to us, badly neglected, frightened, underweight and poorly, Dottie in particular with major health problems. Thankfully these have been treated by the RSPCA.

"They are the most loving and adorable dogs and gaining confidence day by day. They are now in good health, with love to give and are now happy to be alive.   

"We keep them on long leads. Frankie will run off if scared by people or dogs, and although Dottie has three legs, she can run quite fast when she wants. 

"Frankie also is not keen on other dogs. They need someone with them most of the day. 

"Frankie has learnt what toys are for and enjoys playing, while Dottie loves to roll over and have her tummy tickled. During the day they are let out in the garden frequently, which works well, but in the morning we sometimes find a puddle. Frankie is nervous of strange people, particularly men and has been known to nip at feet/shoes if arriving in the house (this can be managed with the right advice and training). 

"They are mainly fed a homemade raw diet as they are extremely finicky about what they eat and Dottie cannot eat biscuits.

"They need a secure garden as they love to run and play and Frankie often feels anxious on walks so isn't always in the mood. A quiet area so Frankie, in particular, isn't overwhelmed with noise, people and dogs."

If you are able to meet the above criteria and would love to give this loveable duo a new home, please contact [email protected] or leave a message on 07846 539500.

Macclesfield: For their full story, read our previous articles on the canines here and here. See more photos of them by clicking here.

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