How to sign up as a Red Cross volunteer in Macclesfield to support the community this winter

  Posted: 19.10.21 at 16:07 by Sunil Peck

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The British Red Cross is working to harness the power of kindness shown in Macclesfield over the last 18 months as it looks to build on the surge of community action during the Covid-19 pandemic and recruit hundreds of new volunteers around the UK.

Natalie Geist, service manager for independent living for the British Red Cross, who is launching the appeal in Macclesfield, has urged people to ask themselves if they could give “just a few hours each week” to make a big difference in people’s lives.

The Red Cross has been responding to coronavirus since the outbreak began, as its volunteers continued to support the most vulnerable communities through the crisis.

The charity reached over 2 million people in the UK since March 2020, providing food, medicines, emotional and wellbeing support, transport to and from hospital, as well as a range of education resources online.

At the height of the pandemic, and while people were in prolonged periods of lockdown, communities across the UK rallied with people supporting charities, community organisations, friends and neighbours, foodbanks and mutual aid groups. The Red Cross is now asking if some of the people who got so involved then might be keen to build on those experiences, meet new people and learn new skills.

Over the past 18 months the charity’s volunteers provided a range of services from support at vaccination centres to delivering food and medicines to people’s homes.

The 151-year-old charity is now looking for Macclesfield volunteers to aid their Independent Living services.

For people leaving hospital, adjusting to life at home can be a difficult time. Helping someone get their essential shopping, pick up their prescription or get the heating turned on can make all the difference for them to feel safe at home.

Amongst other roles, the charity is looking for people who would be able to offer practical and emotional support to people discharged from hospital, whether that's stocking the fridge, feeding the cat or just a cup of tea and a chat.

Ann, a volunteer who was rewarded for her 27-years of outstanding service last year, said she found volunteering “enormously fulfilling.” She added: “The work could be challenging, but I loved being able to work in the local community.”

Natalie Geist said:

“The last 18 months have, for all of us, been like no other. We could not have pulled through without the support or the dedication and kindness of our volunteers. However, as we emerge from the pandemic, we expect a surge in demand for support this winter.

“This is where you come in. Volunteering just a few hours each week could make a big difference to people in need. We have roles to suit everyone, no matter how much time you have to give and whatever your experience.

“It could also be great for you. From meeting other like-minded and passionate people to learning new skills that could help your career, the British Red Cross is a place where you will be supported and recognised for what you do.

“Please, if you can, visit our website and sign-up today.”

Volunteers are a crucial way for the British Red Cross to support people in crisis and the charity is encouraging people to sign up. Visit this webpage to find an opportunity in Macclesfield.

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