Macclesfield: Calls for safer driving near Prestbury's Alderley Road as cat killed

  Posted: 21.07.21 at 19:36 by Alexander Greensmith

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There are calls for a reduction in speed limit outside King's School in Prestbury - after a beloved cat was killed.

Female kitty Lola was hit either late on Tuesday night or in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The gray-furred cat was knocked by a car likely going 30mph, or higher than speed limit.

While parts of Alderley Road are 30mph, and lower speeds are recommended during school hours or when parking at the school, with no students around at night, some drivers feel they can elapse the recommended speed limit.

Most Macclesfield schools employ a 20mph speed limit - but this is only during the start and end of the school day.

The 30mph portion on the B5087 Alderley Road outside King's may have been ignored for the poor pet's death. Part of the B5087 is 40mph.

The cat was hit by a driver who chose not to help, outside the new £60m campus. (Image - King's School Macclesfield)

Macclesfield resident Lianne, heeded the plea on her sibling's behalf.

She gave permission to use Lola's image, and had this to say:

"This is Lola. She was killed last night near King's School somewhere between 7pm last night and 6am this morning," said Lianne.

"She was a beautiful sweet girl around 11/12, and was my sisters' cat.

"Whoever did this was most likely speeding as people bomb it on that stretch of road since the road has been resurfaced and widened. People use that road like a race track at nights.

Would a reduction in speed limit lead to fewer pet deaths on the road?

"Please please take care on roads and think there may be animals around. These animals are our family. We are heartbroken."

Lianne hopes in sharing the story will help save other little lives.

One commenter said: "I am so so sorry, I can’t even imagine how devastated your sister is. I wish people thought about animals when they’re racing down the roads."

Another concerned Maxonian sent condolences, and also said: "I don’t get why people feel the need to drive so bloody fast. It’s 30 in the majority of residential areas, it’s not safe to go faster for so many reasons."

Unfortunately, Lola is not the first family furry friend to have lost their lives on the busy Prestbury street.

Lola was a British Blue shorthair cat. May she rest in peace.

Perhaps most heartbreakingly, a third comment read "Yes they go too fast. We’ve lost a few cats on that road."

Macclesfield Nub News sends condolences to the family of the poor pet. 200 Macclesfield locals have sent well-wishes to the grieving owners.

A permanent reduction in the speed limit to 20mph may be the solution to prevent more animal ​deaths.

They are not the first Maxonian's to want a 20mph speed limit in troublesome, accident-prone roads in our area.

Earlier in the year Macclesfield's newest-elected town councillor also suggested adopting 20mph speed limits in the town centre. However, he does not serve Prestbury, who have their own Parish Council.

Macclesfield and Prestbury may take note from our nation's capital. In March 2020, Transport for London introduced a safer 20mph speed limit on roads within the Central London congestion zone.

Elsewhere at the old King's campus on Cumberland Street in Macclesfield town centre, the road is set to get more dangerous with more cars.

It is as plans were approved last week to see hundreds of new vehicles entering and exiting the site each day. The school moved to Prestbury last year.

You can read more about the old King's Macclesfield town centre home plans here.

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