Macclesfield households can claim for food and utilities vouchers ahead of tough winter

  Posted: 19.10.21 at 11:02 by Belinda Ryan, Local Democracy Reporter & Alexander Greensmith

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Cheshire East Council has been allocated £2.2m of government funding to help provide food and essentials for vulnerable households over the winter months.

The household support fund has started now, and runs for Macclesfield households from October 6 to March 31, 2022.

Already some cash-strapped local families have contacted the council for more information on how and when they will be able to access the funding.

A report due to go before Wednesday’s (October 20) meeting of the full council states: “The aim of the household support fund is to provide support to vulnerable households in most need of support this winter as the economy recovers.

“In Cheshire East we are proposing to use the £2.2m fund to support vulnerable households with food, utilities and other essentials between October 2021 and March 2022.”

The item has been placed on the agenda of Wednesday’s meeting as a matter of urgent business so the council can accept the grant of £2,203,892 and ensure it gets to those most in need.

The support comes amid the global gas and HGV food delivery crisis.

The report to the council states: “The grant letter asks for local authorities to be ready to deliver support to vulnerable households from October 6, 2021, and asks that we start making immediate preparations to administer the grant.

“In Cheshire East we would like to act quickly to provide immediate support to our most vulnerable residents by using our established processes to roll out the grant for the October half term as an emergency measure.

“The recent removal of a number of funding initiatives to support adults and families during Covid, including the Covid support grant, £20 uplift to Universal Credit and furlough, is likely to have a financial impact on a number of Cheshire East residents.

“Families are expected to be further affected by the rise in fuel charges and inflation of food prices.”

This grant is separate to Cheshire East's support of Silklife Foodbank. The George Street good cause that has served about 100 families a month since 2010.

Central government has spread £500 million across the UK with this winter's support fund.

Macclesfield families can claim weekly food vouchers at £20 per child, or £49 per household for utilities.

Multiple claims can be made if the trusted professional has identified a need, for which you can apply for here.

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