Macclesfield: Sinkhole song leads to 'mid-November' pledge

  Posted: 22.10.21 at 14:57 by Alexander Greensmith

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The protest song to get a 20-month-old sinkhole on a Macclesfield filled has led to an ambitious new pledge.

Cheshire East Council hope to resume work on fixing the hole this year.

A viral YouTube video of the Macclesfield Nub News story which has received international media, has led to action on the 15-foot-wide sinkhole.

Despite public health and safety risks, along with almost 700 days of the sinkhole not being filled, it took music tutor Ally Burrows and her songwriting skills to finally lead to a resolution.

But no work has started yet.

In a Facebook post today, Macclesfield Central Cheshire East Councillor Ashley Farrall revealed a bold pledge from the council, after he brought up the gaping problem on a council meeting this week.

There could be at least another month of nothingness, with a very loose pledge fed via the council.

"I'm pleased to share that I've just been informed a team will be back on site in mid-November to start work to reopen the road," the Labour councillor said.

"Please note this will not be a permanent solution but at least it's progress finally.

"As I asked weeks ago and haven't received a response about the practical reasons that the inspection chamber couldn't be installed and further surveys carried out from that, I presume this is now being done.

"Thank you all for your patience and also for putting pressure on the Council, Ally's song and everyone involved was brilliant, well done!"

Cllr Farrall, who himself lives just three minutes away from the hole, has served Macclesfield Central since May 2019.

Cinderblocks from previous fixing attempts still remain, and may be removed from the site first next month.

Shortly after the publication by Macclesfield Nub News, the Macclesfield Sink Hole Day 700 song has been covered by the BBC and the MailOnline.

The tune has had a further 2,000 views since our article on Wednesday, with now over 6,000 plays.

Singer Luke Stevenson and neighbour-to-the-hole Ally Burrows will watch progress the whole's repairing very closely.

"I'm glad they noticed - finally", Ally said

"It is good they are planning something now, however they've said they would fix it before and I'll believe it when I see it.

The bloating hole even caused a house to be demolished on a neighbouring street.

"I won't hold my breath even though as a flautist [flute player] I'm good at holding my breath.

"And if anybody needs a protest song I'm available.

"It seems to work doesn't it the power of music!"

Ally confirmed there would be another street party for when it is finally done.

The sinkhole will turn two in February, where another party could occur, so to avoid further embarrassment, Cheshire East should be quick on the hole's repair.

Macclesfield Central Councillor Ashley Farrall relayed assurances from the borough council to his voters.

In the council's defence - like all public authorities - they have been cash-strapped during the pandemic, and the hole did crop up just weeks before the first lockdown.

However, the fragile gas pipe and raw sewage exposed to the elements posed a risk to public health not just on Hobson, Peel and Ryle Street, but to the whole of Macclesfield.

Please click here to read our article earlier in the week about the months on inaction that led to the creation of the track.

You can listen to the Macclesfield sinkhole track at the top of this article.

Activist and private music teacher Ally can be booked to teach instruments.

Ally can be booked for private music tuition in Macclesfield.

You can follower her on Facebook @maccpiano.

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