Macclesfield: Climate activists walking London to Glasgow for COP26 will stop in our town next week

  Posted: 22.09.21 at 16:37 by Alexander Greensmith

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Climate activists who are walking 404 miles to the COP26 climate conference, will stop in Macclesfield on Tuesday.

Camino to COP26, who describe themselves as "A pilgrimage for climate justice", are currently in the midst of walk from London to Glasgow.

They are currently in Lichfield on the 18th day of their daily trek, using zero carbon emissions by walking.

The multi-faith group average 10-miles a day, and will be walking from Leek to Macclesfield on Tuesday September 28, on the 24th day of their 56-day tour.

The group will stop at St. Michael's and All Angels Church on Market Place, to raise awareness for their cause and epic quest for climate action.

They will then stay overnight in our town, before setting off from Macclesfield to Cheadle next Wednesday.

The group, who want urgent climate action, will gather at St. Michael's Church on Market Place, hoping to engage with our town.

People are welcome to join their excursion, as they pass through Macclesfield.

Camino to Cop said: "The purpose of the walk is to build alliances and engage communities along the route – [be it] faith communities and other local communities – and to spread the word about the urgency of the need for meaningful action to address the global climate and ecological emergency."

The idea was started by Extinction Rebellion UK Faith Bridge sub-group, but stands as an independent entity.

It is not a protest, rather a chance to start conversation and awareness about the climate emergency.

The group added: "This is an opportunity for connection and outreach and is expressly not a physically disruptive or civilly disobedient action. Those involved are asked to sign up to this principle."

The group will arrive in Glasgow for COP 26 on October 30.

The UK will hold the 26th Conference of the Parties meeting, which discusses action on climate change.

The Glasgow event has been described by US climate envoy John Kerry as ”the last best chance” to avert the worst environmental consequences for the world.

It will be held from November 1 to November 12.

For more information about Camino to Cop, please click here.

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In other climate action news, Global Justice Macclesfield want the UK to exit from a treaty which allows big fossil fuel polluters to sue governments for taking climate action.

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