Macclesfield illustrator designs charity Christmas cards for our town

  Posted: 20.10.21 at 09:25 by Alexander Greensmith

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A Macclesfield illustrator has designed Christmas cards of our town - with half of the profits going to charity.

Adam Francis, 40, also known as Adam Schofield outside of his illustration business, has designed two Christmas cards featuring iconic scenes of our town.

One is a snowy scene from the bottom of 108 Steps looking upwards towards St. Michael and All Angels Church.

The other is a wintry scene looking downwards on Church Street, showcasing Macclesfield's fantastic independent stores and overhead Christmas lights.

50% of the profit Adam makes from these cards will go directly to charity, supporting Macclesfield’s Cheshire Streetwise, who are based on Mill Street.

"I have already sold 40 packs in just three days which is a really great start", said Adam.

It was by coincidence that both subjects for the Christmas cards - Church Street and 108 Steps - were at the same end of town.

It is the second Christmas Adam has designed these charity cards, inspired by the spirit of helping out charities impacted by COVID.

"My Christmas cards raised £275 last year for Cheshire Streetwise, and this money contributed towards their Christmas meal.

"Volunteers with the charity prepare a Christmas Day lunch for the most vulnerable people in our community, allowing them to enjoy a home-cooked Christmas meal together.

Thanks to everybody who supported my Christmas cards last year, Cheshire Streetwise were able to feed an additional 50 people.

It would be nice to reach 75 people this year. Anything over that would be wonderful."

Adam spent 12 hours perfecting every detail on the designs. Each illustration took him up to six hours to complete.

The A6 cards are printed on thick recycled card, and cost £5.50 for a five pack.

"I chose the two scenes as they both portray Macclesfield, they're very iconic, particularly 108 Steps”, Adam added.

"I think Church Street is the nicest shopping street in the town, it has original cobbles, which are great to draw, though not on this occasion as I covered them in snow!

"The cards would have been cheaper if I opted for non-recycled paper, but in today's current climate I made sure they were made from recycled, non-coated paper so that they could be recycled afterwards."

The charitable Macclesfield man, who is also a trustee at The Rossendale Trust, has 120 packs of each design and hopes to sell them all.

Adam has lived in our town for 13 years, and was Mayor of our town three years ago.

Adam, who proudly uses the Macclesfield lion within his company logo, is a former Mayor of our town and his support with Cheshire Streetwise goes back to their beginning, over five years ago.

The Crewe-born creative fell in love with our town in 2008 when he moved here with his Poynton born wife, and states, "When you move to Macclesfield having not been born here, I feel you almost see the town differently, appreciating its rich, architectural heritage. I also love how Macclesfield is full of creatives, and I'm glad to be a part of the wonderful artistic and creative community here."

The card can be purchased on Etsy online, or in-person at the Macclesfield Visitors Centre.

One card costs £2, while five cards of one design costs £5.50. It costs £11 for five cards each of both design.

You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Adam has made 5,000 sales on Esty, and ships around the world.

Card beneficiaries Cheshire Streetwise specialise in providing second hand furniture, support and a foodbank to Macclesfield residents in need.

You can learn more about them here.

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