More Choice For Footballers In Macclesfield As Six-A-Side Leagues Expand

  Posted: 11.05.21 at 17:37 by Andy Thorley

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A community, not for profit, six-a-side league has been so overwhelmed with teams clamouring to join they have announced a massive expansion of the competition.

Around 300 local footballers are already playing in the league in Macclesfield, but such has been the clamour to return to sport, space has now been created for another 200 to join.

The six-a-side league will see hundreds of local players able to play and these are players from all abilities.

League Manager Adam Glover said: “April was an incredible month for us, we had more team entries than in any other.

"We are grateful to the staff at the wonderful facilities at the Arena for being able to house all the new teams.”

The Leisure Leagues Live TV Show sees winning teams gain brilliant prizes each week. There are also prizes for the runners up, Most Valuable Player and with a special prize for the viewers.

Qualified referees will have all equipment provided, together with regular training from the likes of Mark Clattenburg, who is a Leisure Leagues Ambassador.

Leisure Leagues have taken steps to ensure that the leagues are COVID-19 safe, with a string of new measures including asking teams to pay for their games with a card rather than cash, and not allowing teams within two metres of the referee.

An example of the expansion, is the three vacancies for Wednesday League teams, including two in the Macclesfield Wednesday League Premier Division.

Despite two games of the season having already being played, you and your mates could join the league. Current teams include Bridge Street Bulls, Terrerslovakia, and Jolly Sailors.

The expanding Sunday and Wednesday leagues are filling up already, with team entries are available now by clicking the following links.

To play at the Stadium on 125 London Rd in the six-a-side competition, you can click here for the Sunday league.

And here for the Macclesfield Wednesday LeaguePricing is £35 per week, and matches on the top-of-the-range 4G pitch last 30 minutes a game.

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