Our first Nub Voice Questionnaire - It is not too late to Sign up - Get your opinions heard Macclesfield!

  Posted: 10.06.21 at 17:00 by Alexander Greensmith

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MACCLESFIELD: we are about to send out our first ever Nub Voice survey - but it is not too late to sign up.

Nub Voice is a infrequently sent questionnaire, asking the people of Macclesfield for thoughts on a variety of subjects.

All your answers will be anonymous, and will inform our unbiased, ad-free, independent, Macclesfield journalism.

Questions will address current issues in our great little town, and the country-at-large.

Click here to sign up to Macclesfield Nub Voice.

We are about to send out our first email asking for your opinions on the issues that matter to you.

PEOPLE OF MACCLESFIELD - Get your voice heard on the big issues, by signing up to our anonymous Nub Voice platform.

Having just hit a peak of 15,000 weekly readers, we now want to hear from you, and hear your thoughts on the key issues affecting our town, and possibly impact policy.

We are looking for local people who care about Macclesfield's future and are willing to share their opinions on the local and national issues affecting Macc.

If you volunteer to become part of Macclesfield Nub Voice, you can expect us to contact you every couple of weeks asking your opinion on the burning questions that affect our town.

Simply click here to sign up

We are giving you the opportunity to be the Nub Voice of Macclesfield. And the first anonymous survey for you to fill in will be sent to your inbox in a matter of days.

Nub Voice has the potential to bring change forward to decision makers, and ensure our town's opinions aren't left behind by our London-centric government.

Questions can range from the handling of the pandemic, climate change, or our high street.

It could tackle a hot topic of the week, or even ask you how you think we should celebrate Macc's silk history.

Nub Voice will be rotation of infrequent surveys, but we won't badger you with spam emails.

Your collective voice will help us to use percentages and surveys in our already cutting-edge journalism.

And the best part? Everything you write will be anonymous, and can be said in confidence.

An overcast-looking Mill Street in Macc. Whether it is sprucing up our high street, or your fears about the local economy, Macclesfield Nub Voice is an anonymous way to share your thoughts about our town.

Nub Voice will also help us to create statistics on key topics in our town, to help digest and tell the rest of the town the nitty gritty on the stories that matter.

We won’t swamp you with lots of questions; just a couple of prompts requiring anything from a single-word yes/no answer, to maybe a short sentence or two.

Macclesfield Nub News aims to be a record of daily life in the town - for that, we would love your help by signing up to our anonymous Macclesfield Nub Voice platform.

Macclesfield Nub News aims to be a record of daily life in the town - for that, we need your help!

Your thoughts can be included anonymously in an article offering a range of local points of view.

Click here to sign up

Whether you are a local business owner, sportsperson, artist, charity volunteer, town councillor or just a community-driven Maxonian, we are here to represent you, and we want to hear from you.

Through Nub Voice, Nub News will enrich and bolster its role as a record of daily life in Macc, getting to the heart of community issues, frustrations, hopes and joys.

Hearing from the people of Macc, will strengthen our unbiased, and balanced coverage, which you so kindly already support.

With the help of your input, Macclesfield Nub News can aspire to be the voice and the heart of the community.

In time, we hope that this collective platform voice will echo across the country as we strive to make it heard in the corridors of government.

Last year, a government ‘levelling up’ taskforce aimed at reducing regional inequalities and reprogramming our London-centric economy and media. Let's get Macc's voice heard!

Nub Voice can help bridge that gap, but for it, we need your help by signing up.

We believe strongly that central government and decision-makers need to listen to towns like Macclesfield, and with your help, we can show that communities like ours really do matter.

Sign Up to Macclesfield Nub Voice - our free questionnaire platform where you can share your opinions!

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