Cheshire Cheese Company Launch Ploughman's Inspired by Mini Cheddars Collaboration

  Posted: 28.05.21 at 12:18 by Alexander Greensmith

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A Macclesfield business has launched a new cheese inspired by one of the nation's favourite snacks.

The Cheshire Cheese Company, who will be at this weekend's Treacle Market, have launched a new Ploughmans cheese inspired by Jacob's Mini Cheddars.

The mouth-watering product is a gorgeous blend of pickled shallots and local Cheshire cheese.

It is their second collaboration with the Pladis brand, the company that owns Jacob's Mini Cheddars.

We reported on the launch of the three new Mini Cheddars flavours, courtesy of the Macc cheese company last month.

"The Mini Cheddars team approached us for a collaboration that would typify England in both cheese and biscuit," said said the company located on Sutton's Leek Old Road.

The ingredients for the product are listed as "A Ploughman's Cheshire Cheese Truckle, a packet of Mini Cheddars, add a drink of your choice, a burst of summer sunshine and England's lush green fields". (Image - The Cheshire Cheese Company)

"We proudly present our gourmet Ploughman's Cheshire Cheese made with pickled shallots and creamy Cheshire Cheese.

"Our new cheese shares its name with the unique Jacobs Mini Cheddars Ploughman's Cheshire Cheese flavour.

"The pairing of our cheese and the Mini Cheddars is a sublime complement to one another.

"We will soon have a supply of Mini Cheddars grab bags, but they are available from most major grocery stores across the UK until then."

The new Ploughmans Cheshire Cheese Truckle weighs 200g, and costs £4.50.

Please note, Macclesfield Nub News does not take any responsibility if the offer has expired, been retracted, or if the product has sold out. (Image - The Cheshire Cheese Company)

It has already received the approval of cheese influencer Joe Bangles.

Their new Ploughmans Cheshire Cheese is free with all online orders over £25 this week.

You can find more about the new truckle here.

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