TS Ardent Bollington and Macclesfield Sea Cadets say ‘thank you’ to Co-op Members for raising funds

The importance of local communities supporting local causes in the borough has been highlighted by Lt. Karen Black and Jason Gaunt of the TS Ardent Bollington and Macclesfield Sea Cadets.

Bollington and Macclesfield Sea Cadets is a local cause that is receiving much needed funds from the Co-op’s Local Community Fund, thanks to Co-op Members.

In our exclusive interview, Karen and Jason talk about the import role that the sea cadets plays in young people’s lives and how this Co-op funding has helped them in their journey towards having a purpose-built space for the cadets.

To hear more about what this funding means for TS Ardent Bollington and Macclesfield Sea Cadets, watch the interview here.

When Co-op Members buy own-brand products and services, 2p for every £1 spent goes to support local causes and community organisations.

Download the Co-op app to get personalised offers every week and select your local cause. To download the Co-op app, search ‘Co-op’ in the App Store.

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