Up Close with Co-op Member Pioneer Louise Little

At Macclesfield Nub News, we aim to support our community. We promote shops, businesses, charities, clubs and sports groups.

We will be profiling some of these businesses and organisations, as well as the personalities who do their best to help others, in a feature called 'Up Close in Macclesfield'.

Member Pioneers can be colleagues or Members of the community. They create local action plans that mean Co-op can provide support at a local level. They work very closely with the Local Community Fund recipients which are Local Causes that are supported by the local Co-op Members. They can be charities, local community groups or food banks.

We caught up with Louise Little, the Co-op Member Pioneer for Macclesfield. Louise is new to the role after starting just six weeks ago and is excited to connect with the chosen Local Causes and the wider community.

When asked what attracted her to the role, Louise said: "I've worked for really large charities and found at times that it can be quite frustrating, so I like that with this it's smaller, I think the Local Causes can really make a difference in the town.

"The people that I meet in Macclesfield are really positive and passionate about making it a better place and improving it, as well as supporting each other. So, I think that's the main reason that I really like the role."

Louise moved to the town two years ago from Manchester and comes from a professional background in charity work, particularly in children's charities.

It was after the birth of her baby and during maternity leave that Louise began to really get to know Macclesfield and find out about opportunities to get involved with the community.

"I've been really impressed with Co-op and their positive attitude in the community and you just know it's not for show, it's very genuine," Louise said. "It's not just about the money that they want to give to Local Causes, they really do want to get involved and make a difference."

She added that the Member Pioneer role chimed with the kind of work she wants to do in the community.

One of the main roles that Member Pioneers take on is to support the Local Causes in their area by working with them to network and share best practice.

Louise explained: "I'll be running forums, which are in the form of video calls at the moment, every couple of months, where the Local Causes can have that chance to talk and learn from each other about things – such as how best to raise their profile."

To find out more about Co-op's Member Pioneers and how you can cooperate with them in your community, follow the link here coop.co.uk/member-pioneers.

When Co-op Members buy own-brand products and services, 2p for every £1 spent goes to support local causes and community organisations. To find out more about Membership, click here.

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