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Opinion: Macclesfield Labour on 'Council Tax bombshell hidden in budget'

Posted: 01.11.21 by James Barber Opinion

OPINION: Just weeks after the Government raised National Insurance contributions for millions of working people across the country, they’ve now deli...

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Take a walk down the new Castle Street, read the love letter to Macc and see the first steps in the long-awaited regeneration of Macclesfield

Posted: 08.10.21 by Cllr Ashley Farrall Opinion

For more than three decades our town centre has been neglected and left to decline by previous Conservative-led Council administrations. They lack...

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Macclesfield Travel Expert Richard Slater's Holiday Predictions

Posted: 24.04.21 by Richard Slater Opinion

With summer approaching and with progression of the government's roadmap out of lockdown - holidays are a possibility for Macclesfield residents. ...

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Travel traffic lights and the possibility of some sun: Your questions answered by Henbury Travel

Posted: 06.04.21 by Richard Slater Opinion

It's been a busy weekend in the media for travel, and you may have seen our local travel expert Richard Slater on BBC Breakfast & BBC News. We...

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Macclesfield travel expert on latest Covid-19 developments

Posted: 23.03.21 by Richard Slater, Henbury Travel Opinion

Richard Slater, MD at Henbury Travel and North West Chair of ABTA provides the latest update on Covid-19 and the travel industry. The press ...

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Opinion: Congleton closure will cause chaos at Macclesfield tip

Posted: 22.02.21 by Cllr Russell Chadwick Opinion

Chaos will ensue when traffic from Congleton starts to arrive in Macclesfield from September after our refuse site closes. Cheshire East Highways w...

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Opinion: Tories should direct their newly found opposition to council cuts at Westminister

Posted: 18.02.21 by Cllr Ashley Farrall, Macclesfield Central. Opinion

It was surreal listening to Conservative councillors clamour to criticise the proposed budget seemingly unable to join the dots between their administ...

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